After he gets brutally beat-up at a bar, Paul Harris, the spoiled son of a Niagara winery owner, questions his predetermined, trouble-free existence and embraces obsessive workout routines and steroids before finding boxing - the perfect outlet for his newfound rage. Rob Tully also feels that his life is on a set course. A born boxer with natural talent, Rob trains with his father, Reuben, and his uncle Tommy, both of whom believe that a gift like his can change their blue-collar lives. Rob and Paul’s fathers want so much more for their sons than they ever had themselves, but both sons are determined to find their own way. While Paul descends into the world of hardcore bodybuilders and boxing gyms, Rob struggles under the expectations set upon his young shoulders. Their disparate paths lead to The Barn, an underground fight venue where vicious and hopeless men brawl for cold hard cash. No rules, no limits, no holds barred. A place that will change both their lives.



Andrew Thomas Hunt

Craig Davidson
Andrew Thomas Hunt

Greg Hovanessian
Dempsey Bryk
Greg Bryk
Michael Ironside
Noah Dalton Danby
Ted Atherton
Sana Asad
Christian Bako

Pasha Patriki