Maddie (Alexa Barajas, YELLOWJACKETS, THE FLASH) is in trouble. She’s been in an accident, and her politician mother can’t have her careless daughter destroying the reputation she’s built, so she sends Maddie to a safe house — a state-of-the-art domicile boasting a fully operational AI system called ROMI. Hertig (Pavel Kríz, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL), the property manager and owner, gives Maddie a tour of her new digs, complete with every convenience brought to her by ROMI. He’s a bit strange, and she’s wary of him, but there’s also the awkwardly charming A.I. tech Barkley (Juan Riedinger, CLAWS, RICEBOY SLEEPS), whose genius built the artificial assistant from the ground up. Despite the occasional company, Maddie is scared she’ll be arrested and feels quite alone… and there’s something not quite right with ROMI. What lies ahead becomes an unsettling mystery for her, and surviving this lockdown instead of going to jail becomes her top priority.



Robert Cuffley

Susie Moloney

Alexa Barajas
Juan Riedinger
Pavel Kríz