After encountering a ghost in his vacation home, modern artist Dan Petersen and his wife Mary hire a sloppy psychic who concludes that while, yes there are ghosts in the home, they are totally benign and should be left alone. Later, Dan shares this prognosis with his gallerist George who insists that Dan get a second opinion. He agrees, and George puts him in touch with an “industrial-grade exorcist,” Os Bijourn. Os and Dan head to the cabin where Os takes a reading of the home, and finds that the ghosts are, in fact, “totally evil.” Over the next few days, Os implements a variety of increasingly complex devices to battle the ghosts. He’s also drinking. A lot. And he demands Dan drink too, since drunkenness induces a “child-like state of mind and makes seeing ghosts easier.” Dan acquiesces, the two become drinking buddies, and begin to get to know each other. However, the more Dan learns about Os, the less he wants him in his home, and the more Os discovers about the phenomena taking place, the more adamant he is that he needs to stay there to vanquish it. What starts as a routine ghost hunt, soon transforms into a battle of wills, with the life of Dan’s son, Jazz, hanging in the balance.



Carson Mell

Steve Zissis
Mark Proksch
Jennifer Irwin

Sebastian Pardo
Riel Roch-Decter