After an economical and societal collapse, anarchy rules the streets of Berlin in the near future. The reckless outlaws TAN (35) and JAVID (33) have only one last goal for the rest of their hopeless lives: to find WINTER (45), the leader of the underground fascist organisation responsible for the murder of both Tan’s and Javid’s families. Their hunt for Winter gets unexpectedly twisted as Tan’s petty quarrel with a snack bar chef over the taste of his kebab escalates into a full blown gunfight, in which they unknowingly kill the parents of ELIANA (25). Subsequently Eliana hires multiple bizarre bounty hunters to assassinate Tan and Javid - who are unaware that they have become targets of a personal vendetta themselves. That is until one day they find a mysterious movie script, which does not only tell Eliana's and their own recent history, but also seems to foresee the future in mind-boggling detail: The title of this screenplay is ‘Snowflake’. All hell breaks loose as everything unfolds exactly like it is written in the wicked film story and Tan and Javid are hunted down by polish cannibals, a blind contract killer, the selfmade superhero ‘Hyper Electro Man’ and supposedly even God himself. The two outlaws desperately try to break out of the script’s outrageous plot, which has them inevitably closing in on a catastrophic climax. When Eliana's hired hitmen all fail, she decides to take matters in her own hands and sets up an elaborate trap for her elusive adversaries. But meanwhile Tan and Javid find the writer of the screenplay, a clueless dentist, and force him to rewrite the ending…



Adolfo J. Kolmerer (as Adolfo Kolmerer)
William James

Arend Remmers

Erkan Acar
Reza Brojerdi
Xenia Assenza
David Masterson
Alexander Schubert

Eric Sonnenburg
Erkan Acar
Adrian Topol
Reza Brojerdi

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