The brilliant informatics student Piet leads a lonely existence, coping with a severe social phobia, a badly proportioned Piet body and the fact that he is still a virgin. His life changes when he starts a term project with a new student, the beautiful and surprisingly approachable Klara. While at first she seems to intimidate him, they become familiar soon. But when Piet dares to confess his love to her, Klara backs off immediately. Disappointed and hurt, Piet tries to rebuild his self-esteem as a man. He turns towards Kylie, who hosts an erotic online platform, but the encounter leaves him frustrated and sleepless. He orders a sleep-inducing drug and tries it on himself. When Klara finds him all passed-out and tries to sort things out, he doesn’t keep her from drinking the water with the drug. She loses her consciousness and Piet gets the twisted idea to lose his virginity by abusing her motionless body. Though alienated, Piet tries to pull it through. As Klara slowly starts to wake up, Piet has to increase the narcotic dose – which leads to killing her unintentionally. Fearing the legal consequences, he decides to cover up the murder and get rid of the body, which forces him to leave his comforting environment of the university. A journey through the night begins, in which he has to confront all his anxieties. Piet finally manages to let the dissected body disappear by packing it into several small parcels and labeling them as return shipments. But will he get away with it? And what kind of a man he will be?



Linus de Paoli

Linus de Paoli
Anna de Paoli (developer)

Adam Ild Rohweder
Paulina Galazka
Pit Bukowski
Amanda Plummer